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Bentheim Gelre
Noah, mei 2005


We have a small cattery in Apeldoorn in Holland. Occassionally we get a nest of Maine Coons kittens. These kittens will be lovingly raised until it is time to go to another owner, when they are good socialised and 13 weeks of age. Of course they are then vaccinated and free of worms. The kittens will only be sold to buyers who love this cats ( and sometimes to breeders).

The purpose is to breed firm and healthy kittens, very breed-typical, with a beautiful silky coat, big ears with lynxtips and –last but not least – a lovely character. The breeding takes place according to the rules of the Dutch cats-society "Felikat", from which this cattery is a member. That means for example that the parents of the kittens are tested on FeLV, FIV, Patella Luxation, HCM and PKD.

If you want to have further information, you can contact me by e-mail or by phone (0031-55 3670620).

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